Friday 3 December 2010

Book Blogger Hop, 3/12/10

Me and Roderick the Snowman.
I take no credit for Roderick, he's
Dad's creation. I merely named him.
 It's Friday again, and here on the Isle of Wight there is a pretty thick layer of snow everywhere, very unusual indeed, and especially at this time of year. The white Christmasses you imagine while reading A Christmas Carol just don't happen. I'm bundled up in two jumpers and have purchased one of those slightly ridiculous-looking bobble hats with ear flaps - but it keeps me warm, and that's the important thing.

I'm hoping that the snow doesn't stay too long, though, because I've got three new books on order and the postman hasn't been getting through:

Fixing Delilah - Sarah Ockler
Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood - Eileen Cook
Wintergirls - Laurie Halse Anderson

The Book Blogger Hop

Book Blogger Hop
Hosted by Jennifer at Crazy for Books

This week's Blog Hop question:
"What very popular and hyped book in the blogosphere did you NOT enjoy and how did you feel about posting your review?"
Anything with angels in it, but in particular Becca Fitzpatrick's Crescendo, sequel to Hush, Hush. In the first place I have a problem with the glib usage of Angels as The New Vampire, which bear no resemblance to angels as I understand them. Vampires, too, being The New Mr Darcy don't rememble vampires at all. Instead, you've got a kind of Interchangeable Dangerous Magical Boyfriend Creature. But on top of that I didn't care for the story much, or the character relationships. When I posted my review, I was apologetic that I couldn't give a positive review, mostly because I didn't want to upset the author if she stumbled on my post. But I had to be honest. A good review means nothing if you write nothing but good reviews.


  1. My daughter loved Hush, Hush, but didn't even finish Crescendo. She told me that I would like Hush, Hush but to not even bother with the second!

  2. I liked your whole post--I don't think I've found an angel book that I've liked yet.

  3. I understand that dilemma too. I'm usually honest about everything I read but I know some readers who insist on doing only good reviews. What the point of that is, I don't know. As long as the criticism is presented in a respectable manner and is constructive, it will probably end up helping the author once the initial sting is gone. :)

  4. Stop by my blog to see my answer to what book I thought wasn't worth all the hype.

    silversolara AT gmail DOT com

  5. Where is the Isle of Wight located please?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Made a typo in the other post....that is why I deleted it. Any way to fix an error without deleting the post?

    Thanks for stopping back to my blog and for the geographic lesson. :)

    I have been to the Isle of Skye...beautiful place...I am sure the Isle of Wight is just as beautiful.

    Let me know what you think about Little Bee once you read it.

    You think you will like it for the first few pages, and then it is ok...not bad, but not worth all the hype. A few folks in my book club liked it and others were just ho hum.

  8. What was Chris Cleave like? That is neat you met him.

    You can reply to my e-mail if you like.

    silversolara AT gmail DOT com

  9. I am totally jealous of that snow!!!
    Hope the snowman hasn't melted yet :)

  10. Most of the snow got washed away by heavy rain in the night - a shame but better than it lingering and getting all slushy, frozen over and grey. Roderick is about all that's left and even he is much smaller. He needed some rather drastic emergency surgery this morning.

  11. Thanks for the replies. Good Chris was nice.

    Sounds like a great place to live.

    Thanks for becoming a follower.

  12. I love the "Interchangeable Dangerous Magical Boyfriend Creature" idea. It's like vamps, werewolves, angels, and everything else get lumped into this handsome and vaguely threatening-but-not-really brand of male character. Angel YA should be awesome, but I havent' yet read a book that did the concept justice.

  13. Old follower hopping through!

    Great answer about writing reviews.

  14. I love Roderick! This picture is brilliant!


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