Wednesday 21 August 2013

Bout of Books 8.0: Wednesday (including Book Blogger 15-Day Challenge: Day Twelve)

Bout of Books


After my lovely long weekend, I returned to work today, where I have been surrounded by books and yet unable to read them. (If I owned my own business, I totally would, but as I am a mere minion, and not the mischievous yellow kind, it would be unwise.) It's been a pretty quiet day, with few jobs to do and none really urgent, and a lovely sunny day, so that most of our potential customers had better things to do than traipse around the shops. In many ways I prefer it when it's quiet, though the day passes slower, and I tend to disappear into my own head a bit. Today I found myself going back over Sunday's events, remembering little details I barely noticed at the time, such as the texture of Neil Gaiman's jacket and the awkward little shuffle-dance we did when he'd put his arm round me to pose for a photo, then realised that we were facing the wrong direction and the sun would ruin the picture. (Maybe I will stop bragging about Sunday by the end of the year. But NEIL GAIMAN, ladies and gentlemen!)

I found two more books at work to add to my wish-list: The Never List by Koethi Zan, and I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes, both of which are fairly new releases and only in hardback at present.

My best friend met me at lunch time, so as yet I haven't got any reading done today (which I will rectify once I've finished this update.) However, last night I began John Irving's most recent novel: In One Person. It seems to be about a man looking back over his life and loves, a character-driven novel. Narrator Billy has recounted the story of his parents' short-lived love affair and marriage, and there is some wonderfully vivid library-love (and librarian-love; Billy's first crush was on librarian Miss Frost.)

TBR Pile mini-challenge

Today's challenge is hosted by the lovely Ellie (and if you don't follow her blog, why not?) who asks:

Which 5 books are on top of your TBR (to be read) pile at this moment? and
If I gave you a wad of cash and sent you into a bookshop right now, which 5 books would you buy to add to the stack?
Well, thanks to some recent time off work and now this readathon, my to-read pile is becoming shamefully manageable, and therefore it must be about time for another splurge. However, that must wait until pay day; After buying and borrowing over 30 books in just over two months, I have forbidden myself to add to the pile until September.

Top of the pile are:

  1. The Cuckoo's Calling by "Robert Galbraith."
  2. Necropolis by Catharine Arnold
  3. Perdido Street Station by China Mieville
  4. The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton
  5. Marshmallows for Breakfast by Dorothy Koomson 
(I may, however, sneak a Gaiman reread after 3 or 4, however. It feels like time to reread Good Omens, Stardust or perhaps some of his short stories.)

And if you gave me money and told me to go wild in the bookshop, it would be difficult to know where to start (since adding a wishlist to the sidebar of my blog, it seems to change and increase on a daily basis.) Of course the two I added to the list today must be included. This is the list today. Tomorrow it could change.
  1. The Never List - Koethi Zan
  2. I am Pilgrim - Terry Hayes
  3. Quiet - Susan Cain
  4. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (and other concerns) - Mindy Kaling 
  5. Longbourn - Jo Baker.

15-day Book Blogger Challenge

Day 12: How do you fight blogger fatigue

If I'm really struggling to get a lot of reading or blogging done, I think it's good to take a break. After all, I read and write because I enjoy it, and if I'm completely uninspired, then forcing myself to read lots of books quickly doesn't help matters. This is one reason I rarely accept review books from the publishers: I'd rather read and review in my own time than to be held to a schedule. Instead, I allow myself a little time out to reread an old favourite and perhaps catch up on some DVD boxsets and films. Memes such as Top Ten Tuesdays and blog hops with discussion questions can be good to keep my blog going in times of blogger fatigue, and can prompt ideas for other posts, reminding me of the stories I love and what it is that makes me excited about them.


  1. You did a shuffle turning-around dance with Neil Gaiman. Ohhhhh. :)

    Minions can't read, chuck. They can barely do things like 'hang up a picture' or 'walk in a straight line'. Not without falling over and getting hysterical, anyway. *chuckles at the mere thought of minions*

    THANKS for entering the challenge, and YES QUIET BY SUSAN CAIN SOUNDS AMAZING. Though perhaps I shouldn't be yelling that in capitals.

    As for your blogger challenge answer - yes, yes and yes. Reading your own shizzle is good for fatigue. Box sets are good because you kind of get it all out your system and then you're ready to read again. (Kinda like eating loads of chocolate makes you want broccoli when you're done.) And things like TTT are a godsend when you want to keep the blog ticking over. ALL GOOD STUFF.

    1. I did a shuffle-turning-around dance with Neil Gaiman! And it was the sort of awkward that was amazing to look back on... well, for obvious reasons.

      I love the minions!

      Quiet is one of those books I keep on returning to have a look at. If I keep coming back to it, it's obviously Meant To Be.


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